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1745 sq km
(census 2011)
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Rohtak is a city and the administrative headquarters of the Rohtak district in the Indian state of Haryana. It lies 70 kilometres (43 mi) north-west of New Delhi and 250 kilometres (160 mi) south of the state capital Chandigarh on NH 9(old NH 10). Rohtak forms a part of the National Capital Region (NCR) which helps the city in obtaining cheap loans for infrastructure development from the NCR Planning Board.


The district derives its name from its headquarters town Rohtak which is said to be a corruption of Rohtasgarh, a name still applied to the ruined sites (also called Khokra Kot) of two older cities, one lying immediately north of the present town and the other about 3 miles to the east. Traditionally, it is named after Raja Rohtas in whose day the city is said to have been built. It is also claimed that the town derives its name from the roherra (Tecoma undulate) tree called rohitak in Sanskrit. It is said that before the town came into existence, it was the site of a forest of rohitak trees and hence its name Rohtak. The name Rohitaka is, however, well known in early literature. It is mentioned in Buddhist literature among the towns visited by the Buddha and the Mahabharata in connection with the campaign of Nakula, the pandat prince, who had to face the stiff resistance of the Mattamayuraka Yaudheya warriors. The district has been described as Bahudhanyaka or rich grains and was a part of the kingdom of the Yaudheyas.

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